This U. S. 1841 Model 24 Pdr. Field Howitzer Limber Chest came to the Starkville Civil War Arsenal in the Summer of 2020. Previous to that time it had been in the possession of the same family in North Alabama for well over 100 years. The chest was found abandoned on the banks of the Tennessee River near Decatur, Alabama, just after the turn of the 20th Century. At present it is believed to be the only known 24 Pdr. Field Howitzer Limber Chest in existence. There is evidence which indicates that this limber chest belonged to the First Illinois Light Artillery Battery D, better known as McAllister’s Battery. The chest has been painstakingly preserved for future generations to observe and enjoy.

Also on display in the chest is an example of each type of semi-fixed ammunition used by the 24 Pdr. Howitzer and a powder charge with the proper cartridge block. The powder charge is contained within the correct paper cap and cylinder. I invite you to come to the Starkville Civil War Arsenal to view and experience this historical artifact in person.